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Discover the Inspiring Story Behind Converdia: From Dream to Thriving Success

Meet Brian Rahman: Our Founder, President, and Owner

At the heart of Converdia’s journey is Brian Rahman, a visionary whose passion for healthcare staffing transformed a dream into a thriving reality. Rahman’s journey began as a hospital administrator across North Dakota, Minnesota, and Colorado. During this time, he recognized a critical need for staffing in healthcare facilities, particularly in the Midwest. Driven by a desire to address this challenge, he contemplated starting his own staffing agency—a notion initially met with skepticism but supported by those who believed in his vision.

Fast forward over 30 years, Rahman’s dream has materialized into Converdia, a name inspired by his alma mater, Concordia College, where his passion for hospital administration was ignited. From the beginning, Rahman instilled a mission and core values that he envisioned would define Converdia. The mission: “To build bridges between healthcare professionals and facilities to positively impact communities in need,” particularly focusing on rural America where the need is greatest. Today, Converdia is licensed in 21 states and counting, steadfast in its core values of “Trust, Integrity, Service, and Relationships.” These values are prominently displayed within the company, serving as daily reminders and guiding principles that have remained unwavering since the company’s inception.

What Makes Converdia Unique

Converdia distinguishes itself from other healthcare staffing agencies through its unwavering mission, core values, and vibrant workplace culture. The company started as a small family business with just six employees, including Brian, his wife, and two sons. This familial foundation promotes a unique commitment and unified leadership that resonates throughout the organization. Brian’s motto, “work hard, play hard,” ensures that the workplace is not only productive but also fun.

When expanding his team, Rahman seeks individuals who embody Converdia’s core values, emphasizing hard work, attention to detail, dedication to excellent service, and outstanding customer service skills. This careful selection process ensures that new hires align with Converdia’s mission and contribute positively to the company’s culture.

Beyond its familial atmosphere, Converdia is deeply committed to giving back to the community. Over the past four years, the company has participated in various initiatives such as Meals on Wheels, Earth Day garbage clean-ups, and charity benefits, reinforcing its dedication to service and community engagement.

Join Us on Our Journey

Converdia’s success is a testament to Brian Rahman’s vision and the cohesive values that drive the company. As we continue to grow and make a difference in rural healthcare, we invite nursing professionals to join us on this remarkable journey. Together, we can build bridges and positively impact communities in need.

For those passionate about healthcare and interested in being part of a company that values trust, integrity, service, and relationships, Converdia is the place to be. Reach out to learn more about how you can become a part of our inspiring story.

How It Started:

  • Brian Rahman, company President graduated from Concordia College with a degree in Business Administration with Hospital administration emphasis
  • Then working as a hospital, clinic, and nursing home administrator in North Dakota, Minnesota, and Colorado.
  • Always had a dream of opening his own healthcare staffing facility (30+ years)
    • Wanted to help rural areas as he saw a huge need
  • Started out of their Moorhead home

The Beginning:

  • Started with just his wife and two sons working making this a family-oriented company First Converdia office on South university
  • 2021 FMWF Chamber Emerging Business of the Year Award
  • New office in West Fargo
  • Ribbon cutting March 2022
  • Business boomed due to increasing need for healthcare professionals, in part because of the pandemic
  • Started staffing PRN within 100 miles of the Fargo-Moorhead area. Gradual shift to Travel contracts with license to do business in 37 states.


  • Sioux Falls Office opening – 2022
  • New Addition to West Fargo building – 2023
  • Omaha Office Opening- New Therapies Department- 2024
  • Currently 20 employees
  • Licensed in 37 states


  • Expand to all 50 states with rural healthcare in America always be as a top priority
  • Being the top healthcare agency in the Midwest
  • Being a leader in the industry

Company Culture/Fun/Service:

  • Annual Christmas parties
  • Celebrate everyone’s birthdays
  • Celebrate holidays/office potlucks
  • Family oriented
  • The mission is, “To build bridges between healthcare professionals and facilities to impact communities in need positively.”
  • The core values are, “Trust, Integrity, Service, and Relationships.”
  • Participate in local events such as cruise night and more
  • Volunteer at Hope Blooms, Meals on Wheels Weekly, Earth Day cleanup, hosted benefits, and The Great North Pole to name a few